These DIY Diamond Tassel Earrings Are The Ultimate Ear Candy

by admin

These DIY Diamond Tassel Earrings Are The Ultimate Ear Candy

Statement jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. With this super fun project, you can DIY a pair of flirty earrings. It's also the perfect way to flex your jewelry-making skills.

Statement jewelry can go a long way. It can spruce up a plain white t-shirt, LBD, or even a work outfit. But why spend a pretty penny? With the right approach, you can DIY a pair of head-turning earrings. That's where this tassel jewelry project comes in.

At first, this craft tutorial might look intimidating. The final product seems so complicated! But hey, don't judge a DIY by its cover, right? Each individual step is actually pretty simple. Plus, you can even make tassels in colors that suit your taste and style. Here's how to do it yourself.



  • Metal beads
  • 4-inch eye pins (8)
  • 2-inch eye pins (6)
  • Earring hooks (2)
  • 4mm jump rings (6)
  • Metal cone caps (6)
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Strong craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Scrap cardboard (1.25" wide)
  • Embroidery thread

Step 1

1. Wrap embroidery thread around the rectangle 15 times. The thread should be snug, but not too tight.

Step 2

2. Left: Remove the bundle and tie a short strand around the top. Tightly tie it two to three times. Right: Cut away the excess thread. Cut across the bottom to create an instant tassel.

Step 3

3. Left: Attach a 4mm jump ring to a 2-inch eye pin. Right: Slide on a metal cone cap.

The 4mm jump ring acts as a "stopper" so the bead cap doesn't slide right off. However, depending on the size and width of your cone caps, you might not even need the 4mm jump ring. Some cone caps have a more narrow top. If you don't want to use 4mm jump rings, opt for thinner cone caps.
Step 4
4. Glue a tassel into the cone cap.
Step 5
5. Left: Using the cutter portion of the pliers, trim the eye pin 1/2 inch above the cone. Right: Using the round-nosed ends, create a loop.
Step 6
6. Repeat Steps 1 through 5 to create five more tassels. Make two in one color and four in the second color.
Step 7
7. Add 1.5 inches worth of beads to a 4-inch eye pin. Trim the pin, leaving 1/2 inch. Bend the wire into a loop. Repeat with all four eye pins.
Step 8
8. Connect all four beaded pins by attaching the loops together. This will form a diamond. Add an earring hook to the top and tassels to the other three corners. Repeat Step 7 and 8 to make a second earring. And you're finished! Go rock your DIY earrings with pride, or give them as a stylish and unique gift to friends and family!