These Russian Girls Are Gellin’!

by admin

These Russian Girls Are Gellin’!

Remember the commercial featuring a group of nuns outmaneuvering each other on a basketball court in Easy Spirit pumps? Well, organizers in St. Petersburg, Russia have gone one step (sorry) further. They challenged 100 fashion-conscious women to run 100 meters in 3.5-inch heels for a grand prize worth $4,000 US dollars. Hey, for 4Gs I’d turn cartwheels wearing those sexy high heels. Besides, for that kind of cash I could always treat my feet to some pampering at Oasis Day Spa—for a month!  

At this year’s Glamour-sponsored race, the winner shaved a whole second off the previous year’s record of 13 seconds, which makes me curious to know her stiletto of choice. Was it Manalo Blahnik or perhaps some sexy yet flexible heel from Aerosole? Whatever it was, it must have been worn-out in all the right places to effortlessly cruise past the pack. 

As the race confirms, high heels are not only sexy, but running in them is a reality of city life. (And if you buy into the Dr. Scholl’s “For Her” commercial, other high-heeled realities include mowing the lawn and welding your car engine.) 

I’ll admit I have been slacking on the stiletto front, but now I have regained my enthusiasm to make the leap from “flip-flop” to “high-heeled fabulous” on a more regular basis. But like any good athlete, I’ll have to train slowly to build up my endurance. I think I’ll begin with my Abby Suede Ballet flats from J.Crew and go up from there…