In the Time of High-Tops: Kicks When We Were Kids

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In the Time of High-Tops: Kicks When We Were Kids

When I was a kid, fashion was of prime importance. Scrunched socks, pegged pants, and neon colors all ruled my wardrobe. However, more important than stirrups and bodysuits were my kicks. How I miss the days when Keds were considered haute couture. 
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Converse High-Tops



In the fourth grade, in 1992, I paired my brand-new pair of red Converse high-tops with a floral dress and a matching red turtleneck underneath for picture day. I’m not at all certain why my mother let me leave the house like that.


Dr. Martens



I could never afford the real Doc Martens. My parents just got me the cheapo Payless knock-offs. I still haven’t forgiven them.





This is a trend I never understood—plastic shoes often infused with glitter. I was fuming (and consequently boycotted) when they enjoyed their brief comeback in the mid-nineties.





Classic, comfortable, and cool—every kid born during the eighties owned a pair of Reeboks. Mine were pastel-pink with two pairs of laces in each.


L.A. Gear High-Tops



These shoes scream 1985. I can almost hear Duran Duran in the background …


Neon Pumas



Although Puma’s brand power has remained strong into the new millennium, the company luckily left its flair for all things neon back in the old one.





For her eighth-grade graduation dance, my sister wore pumps she dyed herself to match the exact plum shade of her puffy-sleeved gown.


British Knights



All the cute boys wore British Knights shoes in fifth grade. I’m pretty sure they thought it would make them run faster.





These Mexican sandals were a huge hit in the eighties. I’m not sure how or why, but every girl I knew (at least the cool ones) rocked a killer pair of huarache sandals.





There’s nothing more classic 1988 than a clean, brand-spanking-new pair of white Keds. They were as indisputably essential for every woman as a weekly Jazzercise class.