Tote for Green

by admin

Tote for Green

I know I was going to highlight something new each month that we have done to be more green. However this topic is worth discussing and even though we have been doing toting for years, we are so excited that it is catching on that I wanted say a few words.

For those of us who have been using these (often not so pretty) canvas totes, we are very excited to see cities banning plastic bags and all kinds of people adopting the tote mentality. Long gone are the days of having to carry the lame bags from that conference you went to last year. Now you actually have choices with stylish bags, fun bags, green bags, and even branded bags from your favorite grocery store (Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods). Here are a couple of sites to check out for nice green bags and fashion bags. One site that sells all organic canvas totes and other cool bags is a new company that is doing good things and great work called Simple Peace. For those of you who must make a fashion statement while picking that perfect strawberry, try Outstripia. These are designer bags and you are sure to find one that goes with every outfit.

Making that conscious choice to use reusable bags at the grocery store is just the first step. Once you actually have totes in your car and ready for any use, you can use them everywhere you shop. Start with grocery stores and farmers’ markets, then move on to some of the other stores you frequent (Staples, Pet Smart, Target, Beauty Supply etc.). You will find that the opportunity to reduce your plastic bag use is almost endless. Even Costco now sells gigantic reusable bags (they are plastic so not the most earth friendly). They come in a pack of three. You have two bags for dry goods and one insulated one that actually keeps your cold groceries cold for several hours.

The last holdout, and I know this will be hard, is to take your bags with you to the mall. Just think, no more horrible plastic coated paper bags. I know, I know, but then how will people know I just spent my life savings at Nordstrom or Bergdorf Goodman? Well, they won’t. I promise that when you get your statement, you will be reminded. Just remember that doing the right thing is not always easy.

Keep on totin’!