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The Translucence of Image

Very few people know this, so I felt it necessary to inform those people of this little fact of life. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. What I mean by this is you aren’t a better person for what you wear, where you shop, or how many people agree that your clothing is cool and trendy. Having recently graduated high school, I can honestly say that what people dress like makes a big difference on how they are treated. On a whim one day, I decided to wear a plaid shirt with sweat pants and snow boots. Needless to say, people couldn’t stop laughing. Perhaps I should have gotten a second opinion on the astronaut helmet. Anyway, throughout the day people kept asking me why wore that to school. Was it a joke, was I asking for attention, did I lose a dare? No, I wore them because I knew people weren’t going to be able to deal with it, and to have a little fun.

Something different always frightens people. Why did he do that, should I have done that, is that what we’re doing now, is Justin Timberlake doing it? Clothing is nothing more than material to cover your private areas and keep you warm. Spending 300 to 500 dollars on a pair of pants is not only wasteful, it’s stupid. Money that could be spent for necessities, like food and paying rent, is being spent on clothes that people don’t necessarily have to buy, but feel like they want to because their friends are. Then again, what do I know? I’m just some punk who shops at the Salvation Army to save a buck or two because he thinks that fabric and material sewn together isn’t that big a deal. Silly me.

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