The Trouble with Shoes

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The Trouble with Shoes

One of the biggest challenges I face when packing for a trip is which shoes and outfits to bring with me. You’ve heard the saying, “So many shoes, so little time.” Well, that’s how I feel when I have to choose which shoes go with me on any given trip. It often depends on how long I’m going to be away … the longer the trip, the more shoes I bring. If it’s a short weekend trip, I try to get by with two and then I coordinate all my outfits to go with the shoes I choose. The selection process is hugely dependent on the activities during the trip. Packing becomes a real challenge when you don’t know what’s in store once you arrive at your destination (as was the case when I went to Washington a couple of weeks ago). Regardless, cute shoes for going out on the town are important, but a good pair of walking shoes are always imperative! Chances are that you’ll be hoofing it quite a bit while you’re on vacation.

First, be sure you pack your walking shoes. I like several brands, but Puma Sneakers are often a first pick for me. They’re really comfortable and come in fun colors!

If it’s a long trip, I like to have a cute alternate to my really comfy walking shoes. These Blowfish Shoes are the type that you walk around in for hours and they look great with more than just jeans. Another alternate to a cute walking (type) shoe would be something I can slide into and give my feet a break from the normal all-encompassing lace up shoe. Regardless of the style, Mudd Shoes always deliver comfort.

If I’m looking for a flexible, sensible shoe that look great with dress pants, skirts, dresses or nice jeans, then I definitely pack Manolo Blahnik Heels. These are especially good if I’m limited on the number of shoes I can pack since they’re so versatile. If I have extra room in my suitcase, then I usually pack a nice pair of wedge heels. Despite the economical price of Xhilaration Shoes, I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of these cute wedges.

For longer trips or special occasion trips, I make room in my suitcase for a classy pair of Vintage Shoes. They’re the icing on the cake for just about any outfit in my opinion.

In addition, I never leave home without some comfy slippers (or at the very least, slipper socks) and a pair of flip flops to wear while I’m relaxing. What kinds of shoes do you pack for vacation? Do you think I take too many pairs or not enough?

Happy Vacationing/Searching/Shopping,

By Payton

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