Two Fool-Proof Ways to Know If a Color Is Right for You

by admin

Two Fool-Proof Ways to Know If a Color Is Right for You

While there are many theories for how to determine the best colors to wear, many of them suggest you meet with an image professional for a color and skin tone analysis, not to mention an in-depth review of your current wardrobe. Most do NOT tell you that choosing clothing is an intuitive process. You are drawn to clothing pieces that relate to you and are often meant for you. Following, are two guidelines to get you on the right track: 

1. Your heart, not your head whispers the truth.
When you look in the mirror do you see you or the color? Open your eyes, quickly look at your reflection in the mirror, then close them, thinking about what first caught your eye: your smiling face or the color of your shirt. (This technique forces you to use the intuitive right side of your brain.) Do not look at the color when the clothing item is lying in front of you. (This technique uses the logic left side of your brain … the side that remembers all the clothes you have worn effectively or not so effectively in the past.) 

2. Check your mood.
That red sweater might have been perfect the day you were rested, had a good hair day, and your best friend was coming to take you to dinner; but way too bright when you had four hours of sleep, missed a deadline, or your best friend left town for a three-year trip around the world. If your mood is quiet or melancholy chose soft neutrals or subtle colors, keep the contrast level low, and the textures soft.