The Ultimate Taylor Swift–Style Guide to Fall Fashion

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The Ultimate Taylor Swift–Style Guide to Fall Fashion

When I think of Taylor Swift's street style, there are a few specific outfit combinations that come to mind. I've narrowed down her recent fashion choices for this Taylor Swift–style guide, plus I'll teach you how to create similar looks for yourself.

The stylish singer-songwriter is the queen of finding a particular look that works for her and then wearing the heck out of it. Here are four of the best ways to embrace Taylor Swift–style for fall, plus tips on how to translate the looks to fit your own wardrobe.

Grab a pair of colorful skinny jeans.
Whether they are paired with an eye-catching, heart-covered sweater or with a low-key striped shirt, Swift's colorful skinny jeans always enliven her outfits. To steal her style, pair skinny jeans with flats, riding boots, or cute booties. Add a coordinating top to finish the look. Note: Plum-and-navy seems to be one of Swift's favorite color combos.

taylor swift colored jeans

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Add a pop of color to a black-and-white outfit.
One of Swift's favorite ways to jazz up a black-and-white outfit is by adding a pop of color. Sometimes she matches her heels to her perfect pink or red pout. Other times she adds a dash of yellow in the form of a purse or glasses. No matter how she does it, Swift comes up with bright color choices that are perfect additions to otherwise black-and-white color schemes. Next time you wear a neutral black-and-white palette, opt for bold color choices in your shoes and accessories to mimic the Taylor Swift–style we all know and love.

taylor swift black and white pop of color

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Try a flippy skater skirt.
Swift's wardrobe essential has to be the skater skirt. She's been spotted wearing the style on the streets of New York, at the airport, and while performing at concerts. Luckily for those of us who want to dress like her, it's a very flattering look (even if your legs aren't a mile long). The A-Line shape of a skater skirt is great for drawing attention to your waist. To get the look, find a form-fitting long-sleeved top or a crop top to pair with your skater skirt. Finish the outfit with a pair of booties and a cross-body purse.

taylor swift skater skirt

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Rock the monochromatic look.
Whether she's being edgy or feminine, one thing is certain: Swift never seems to look gloomy in head-to-toe black. In order to make this look work for you, invest in the expensive items. A black leather jacket, a purse, and boots are all timeless pieces you can wear year after year. Save cash by purchasing inexpensive dresses, tights, and tees to wear with your pricier items.

taylolr swift all black

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No matter which of these Taylor Swift–style trends you decide to try, the key to pulling off her looks is to keep things ladylike whenever you step out the door. For more style tips, visit my blog: Sand, Sun, & Messy Buns.