Unique Handbags

by admin

Unique Handbags

Self promotion has always been very difficult for me…but without taking the plunge how does one share their passion? I thought of writing Oprah… and sending her one of my handbags, but sheer panic sets in. Working in the interior design environment for many years (not as a designer mind you) I have been exposed to color, lots of color and trends. I don’t wish to follow any particular trends but instead, find it very soothing to let the moment or particular mood dictate what my hands will create next. Usually, a thought is brewing for awhile as to a direction, but then something happens and the hands take over.

I sit quietly in front of all those fabric samples and it just jumps at me…the latest creation being a prime example. “Volcano” not the name of the mainstream handbag…but one of the fabrics which came forth reminded me of lava flows and there “Volcano” was molded by these two hands. So who knows where this path will lead me, but in the meantime, I am having a blast. I have joined as a seller on Etsy, a great community of fellow artists and designers and also have my own website. I am passionate about art and design in many forms and in some way, am trying to give back a little by donating a percentage of my sales to four legged organizations.

I would love to get feedback from all out there. Life is short, enjoy it to the fullest, smile, for each day that is given to us is an opportunity to learn and share.