Upcycled Saris Gorgeous and So Unique

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Upcycled Saris Gorgeous and So Unique

It happens all the time. You’re trying to get dressed and everything you own feels tired and drab. When the wardrobe blues bring you down, strike back with a burst of bold turquoise. Or maybe you’re in the mood for rich cinnamon? No matter your preference, GreenSewn’s vintage silk scarves and wraps are the perfect accessory, with just the right blend of gorgeous colors. They’re handmade in India from upcycled saris, so each one is unique. And these wraps have real soul. Traces of life in a faraway place add authenticity to the delicate silks. With a GreenSewn scarf or wrap, you’re wearing a bit of living history.

 Dan Shir, a twenty-five-year shoe industry veteran, started GreenSewn because he wanted to produce something more sustainable and meaningful. He’s also the creator of Tia’s sandals, which have interchangeable ties made from recycled saris. “Sari Wallah” women collect the old saris and bring them to GreenSewn’s workshop near New Dehli. The saris are washed by hand in a mixture of water and soapnuts, the dried fruit of the soapberry tree (soapnuts are a great all-natural laundry detergent alternative, like these from Laundry Tree). Sections of the garments are then pieced together by hand to create the scarves and larger wraps. No two are alike, but they’re all gorgeous. Plus, with each purchase, GreenSewn plants ten trees in a community at risk of deforestation. That’s just one more great reason to wrap yourself in one of these eco-chic treasures, made from the softest, silkiest and prettiest saris.

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