Vegan Shoes Fit for a Vixen

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Vegan Shoes Fit for a Vixen

As I slowly transition from vegetarian to vegan, I toss animal products from my fridge and fantasize about doing the same with the animal products that line my closet. I’d love to replace my sexy leather pumps, but I assume vegan shoes are boxy, masculine, and made for PETA volunteers who accost meat eaters just minding their own cheese steaks. I don’t want to wear the faux Doc Martins, but I do want to morph my knowledge of animal rights with my knack for style. I did an investigative style hunt, to see if Manolo Blahnik drafted a heel that’s minus the cruelty and half the price. Manolo hasn’t, but others have, and I was surprised to find that there are indeed vegan shoes fit for this vixen.

Charmoné Ginseng Brown and Ivory Polka Dot Peep-Toe Platform

Charmoné uses cruelty-free materials and high-quality Italian microfibers with a light polyurethane coating that is kinder to the environment than many vegan shoes made with PVCs. I love these adorable peep-toe platforms, which are also lightweight, colorfast, and water-resistant, especially for their pattern that I can pair with a short cream coat already in my wardrobe.

Ragazzi Jessy-3 Kelly Green Wedge

I used to own a pair of green suede Candy’s that looked great with a pair of boot cut jeans. I think I’ll pair this pair of Ragazzi vegan shoes with a white skirt and a patterned blouse once the weather starts cooperating and my legs get rid of their winter white skin shade.

Pink Studio Orange Margaret Vegan Peep-Toe Heel

I heard orange is the new pink, and pink was the new black, so with that vague formula in mind, I’m figuring that must mean these orange cork heels will go perfectly with anything black. The peach outline is the kind of detail I look for in a shoe, and they’ll be a great partner pair for the black strapless dress a girlfriend lends me every summer for weddings. I envision myself with opalescent orange nail polish on my toes and my orange and hot-pink scarf from Sri Lanka around my neck.

Vegetarian Shoes Ace Red Slip-On

Even vixens need a slip-on as a stand in for a foot rub. I’d choose this pair for the bucky material that moulds to your foot shape, as well as that adorable inner lining—just begging me to kick my shoes off in the office. Nice to imagine that when I finally do slip off these slip-ons, my feet will feel as good as this cute design looks.

Ragazzi Jackie-3 Brown Boot

If I’m ever going to toss my favorite brown boots, I’ll replace them with a vegan pair. I like the shorter heel and the olive tint in the brown of this pair. However, what I appreciate the most is the amount of moola I can save when dressing my calves without undressing mooing calves!

Beyond Skin Larry B Pink Candy Pump

Fortunately, with internet shopping, I don’t have to wait for a trip across the pond to pick up a European pair of vegan shoes. Beyond Skin custom designs each shoe, which helps explain the price of these multi-colored fabric pumps. They also refrain from using any animal products so that I can still look like a vixen while promoting ethical vegan footwear.

I can’t wait for people to ask me about my new shoes …

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