Vintage Clothing Comfort at Work

by admin

Vintage Clothing Comfort at Work

Need something different to make Mondays a little less manic? No one wakes up on Monday morning and says, “Gee, it’s a great day to go back to work today! I can’t wait to be stuck in that same old grind in a few hours after I fight my way through traffic to the office!” If you do say things like that on Monday then please give me a call and let me know if your company is hiring.

Spice it up a bit! Wearing vintage clothing to work will enable you to sit, stand or move around in comfort while your co-workers, employees, or supervisors are focusing on how badly they want to get out of there and change into some old comfortable jeans and a pair of sneakers. Even if you do have a dress code you can still find plenty of business attire at most vintage sites. You can also pick and choose different elements that match your current attire.

Take shoes for instance. Vintage shoes were once formal or business shoes when they were manufactured and that hasn’t changed as the years and decades have gone by. You can pick out a perfectly good, stylish pair of shoes to match your regular business attire and no one in your office will need to know that you paid less than half of what you would have paid if you bought them at a regular retail clothing store. Best of all, they’ll be broken in already when you get them so they won’t hurt your feet.

Vintage dresses, blouses, scarves, blazers, jackets, shoes, vintage handbags and accessories are all available at a vintage clothing site. When you buy an outfit anywhere you don’t get it complete and custom tailored to your exact specifications. You need to pick and choose each element, accessorize, and pick the right footwear for both looks and practicality. You can do that at the mall and pay a lot of money or you can go vintage and pay less. The quality of what you buy will be as high or even higher in some cases and you’ll be doing the “Green” thing by preventing more textiles from going into landfills. Add to all that the fact that you’ll be more comfortable in vintage clothing and what is there to think about?