The Violet Sandals

by admin

The Violet Sandals

I can remember when I bought them, I was with my best friend. We both bought sandals; mine were flat, strapped violet ones, hers were blue-green with a heel. I remember I went to Davao using them as a pair of comfortable walking-in shoes because they were flat. And they never failed me. So then, I kept them for a while as I plan to use them during rainy days.

After two times of wearing them, I saw this crack at the left sole. I didn’t mind. I still used wore them. My sister even borrowed them. And sometimes, I even used them going around the office, I still didn’t mind. Rainy days here. The other one is still good. But I came close checking it closely. And it made me wonder why I keep using these wearing-out violet sandals?

So I ponder more. First, I can replace it immediately. I can afford to buy the same amount. But why am I still using it? It’s like your favorite color—you always want that kind of color. It’s like an old sin that you always like to do, again and again. But then, you question yourself and resign by saying, I have to give up wearing them and replace them soon.

One month after, my mother placed the sandals in an empty box where I cannot see them, thus it made me forget about them. It is always raining in the afternoon, but the blue violet sandals weren’t on my feet. Ah, the comfort zone. We have to get out of our comfort zone always and be changed.

Tonight as I go home, I think I might check it again and bid my farewell formally; I might as well donate them to those who are less fortunate that can’t even wear good slippers.