The Vlog: Naked Blogging? Not This Blogger!

by admin

The Vlog: Naked Blogging? Not This Blogger!

It’s now common for people to put themselves on YouTube and Facebook, eagerly displaying and/or confessing things that would be grounds for a law suit if posted by a third party as the activities include having sex (with others or with themselves), blogging naked, providing sordid and what many would consider private, embarrassing details about their lives. Not only is my desk chair too scratchy for nudity, but I’m surprised that anyone post 9/11 would blog naked. I’m always ready for an evacuation, wearing comfortable shoes, my credit cards in my pocket.

While some feel it’s inevitable that, “soon everyone will have naked footage of themselves on the internet for all to see,” I am not even slightly tempted to join the Vlog Naked campaign, started recently by a user going by the handle Chris3ff, which has attracted over 80,000 visitors and 100 vloggers willing to expose themselves on YouTube as they talk about trips to the dentist or the election. My fear is a proficient multi-tasker will take the camera into the room during a colonoscopy. Call me old-fashioned, I still appreciate boundaries.

If I were going to expose anything on YouTube, it would surely not be me though I’d happily point the camera on others, showing a doctor’s waiting room—in real time—all of us sitting for hours. I’d consider recording a typical airline experience, where after being scrutinized by security people, we’re either bumped or we board and sit on the tarmac with no meal, no blanket, no leg room unless. I would also enjoy pointing a camera at the person who sneaks in line ahead of me at Fairway or comes up from behind and steals the parking space I’d been waiting for. But naked blogging? Not this blogger!