Wardrobe Ideas for Winter 2008 (Part 2)

by admin

Wardrobe Ideas for Winter 2008 (Part 2)

Today I started working in my closet to reorganize it, at least the winter side. Since I am a visual person, I’ll do better if I don’t draw it out on paper. I know how I like to get started when I put together an outfit, so I’ll try and arrange my closet the way my mind works. It does not matter how many articles you read on closet organization, if your closet is not set up the way you like to create, you won’t have any fun putting your outfits together. Creativity is the key. It does not matter if the brown striped jacket came with matching pants, separate them in your closet so you can get the most bang for your buck!

I have a walk in closet and I keep summer clothes on the right and winter clothes on the left. Dresses, skirts, and shoes are in the middle of the closet. I color-coded the dresses and skirts like they do in retail stores, from light to dark. I also lined up my long cardigan sweaters in the same manner, next to the dresses. This way, I can select a short-sleeved dress from the summer and a long sweater to extend the dress into the fall season. Next working to the left, I lined up the jackets from light to dark, then cardigans and vests.

I love to add at least one or two of the new colors to my wardrobe each year, and while we were on vacation this week, I found a great jacket! It has two shades of purple and a beautiful silver metallic thread running through it. It is perfect for a gray, black, or metallic shell, as well as my basic black dress. I recalled seeing a gray sweater dress; it was on sale and I thought it would make the perfect day dress and companion to the new jacket. I selected the dress in a turtleneck style. As chains, pendants and the vintage look is back, I can add pieces from my vintage jewelry collection or a pendant.

A classic white shirt is on the list as well, whew, got that covered at least! And my notes say that deep royal colors are in and I’ve held onto a deep purple metallic blouse, as well as an olive one. It is recommended that gray be added into the color pallet to add class to the outfit. Good thing I kept those gray classic dress pants! Sorry, I’m jumping ahead in the organization chart! Next on the list is a cashmere sweater, so sweaters get organized next. Round neck first, v-neck next, and lastly turtlenecks. They too are color coded in their categories. I also separated the casual shirts that can be worn with cords or jeans. I have a couple of shirts that I like to wear under my jackets, so I moved the ones I wear the most from their summer slots to the winter side.

My pants are on the bottom rear of my closet, so they are last. For some reason I have my jeans first, but in this arrangement, it works well because my casual tops are on the rack above. The winter side of my closet is now organized; don’t even ask about the summer side, it’s a mess! I’ll tackle it in the spring!