What Is “Casual Cocktail”?

by admin

What Is “Casual Cocktail”?

I have to go to an event where the attire is “casual cocktail.” I’m assuming this means a little more that normal business wear, but less fancy than an actual cocktail dress. Since I’ve written multiple times about my love for dresses, I think I’ll be going with a summery dress—more than a sundress but less than a cocktail dress. But I wanted something to add a little more festivity to the outfit and shoes are always a perfect way to do that! Red sandals are one of my favorites for summer—so bold and vibrant, it’s an easy way to stay classy while still being summery.

I love the platform on this one, and the ankle strap is a great touch. This are especially perfect since I’m planning on wearing a dress—the cute detailing of the shoe will be shown off!

These are a little less dressy, but they have a vintage look. And they appear to be very comfortable—a must when you’ll be standing on your feet all night!

Photo courtesy of Glimpse