What Do Bones and Math Have to Do with Fashion? Everything

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What Do Bones and Math Have to Do with Fashion? Everything

How does math come into play with fashion? Simple: your body is made of inches, patterns are based on inches, and the material is cut in inches. All fashion books deal with the body shape but not the linear (vertical) proportion of the body. This is where the bones come into play with fashion. Believe it or not, the skeletal bone structure has everything to do with how the garment is going to hang on your body. The clothing industry uses a standard perfectly proportioned body, which consists of eight perfect heads lengths from the top of the head to the bottom of the foot for making clothes. It does not take into consideration if you have a short waist or a long waist; if your torso (the upper body) is longer than the legs or if the legs are long than the torso; if the bone at the top of the leg to the knee is longer than the bone from the knee to the ankle; and, last but not least, if your arm bones are longer or shorter. That would confuse anyone!

As you can see, there are numerous variables that have to be in place to making up the perfectly proportion body. We have measured over 10,000 women and have only found twenty-two perfectly proportion bodies, which represents about .001 percent of the population. Every body is unique! This is why women only wear 20 to 30 percent of the clothes they purchase, creating closet guilt. Now you know why you feel frumpy in your clothes. Off the rack doesn’t mean it is ready to wear!

Did you ever wonder why your sleeves were too long or too short? This is determined by the relationship between your waist and your elbow. Stand with your arm at your side. If your elbow is above your waist, that means your bone from the shoulder to the elbow is shorter in proportion to your body. The sleeves will most likely be to long and have to be hemmed. If the elbow is below your waist, it is an indication that your bone from your shoulder to your elbow is longer in proportion to your body. More often then not, you have a hard time finding sleeves that are long enough. If your elbow and waist are at the same point, this means your arm is in proportion with your body and sleeves are usually not a problem for you.

The Fashion Fit Formula takes all of that into consideration when it takes twelve vertical measurements of the body. When the calculations is completed, it provides you with your exact hemlines for every aspect of your clothes; jackets, shirts, dresses, shorts, capris , neckline, sleeve lengths above and below your elbow, and your adjusted waist line. It will create a symmetry of balance with your body. The difference is amazing. Our formula is based on the bone structure and is independent of weight gain or loss; lasting a life time saving you a fortune. When was the last time you purchased anything that would last a life time?