What Do You Dress First?

by admin

What Do You Dress First?

We are our own worst critics. Every day, I see men and women alike pick their bodies apart into two different categories: parts they like, and the others they don’t. Tisks, sighs, and deep breaths take place as they try on different outfits. This is because they feel frumpy and/or outdated in them or due to the fact that they like certain parts of the outfit and not others. Clothing is meant to make us feel confident, happy, chic, and stylish … all while showing our personality and glowing! So why are you buying clothing that make you feel otherwise?

Most people usually tell me that they don’t know what looks good on them, or that they are constantly in a rush. Sound familiar? Impulse purchases take place because in their mind, “that’s as good as it’s going to get,” they really like the colour or pattern of the item, or just because it’s in fashion. The fact is most men and women have a vague sense of what looks good on them and what doesn’t. The problem is that many don’t know they reasons why something works for them or doesn’t. It’s crucial for people to understand their body shape, body type, colouring, personality style, lifestyle requirements, and fashion. That is why I highly recommend things like a colour, wardrobe, and style analysis. They are great foundations to helping you understand … you! Having this kind of information will also save you hundreds of dollars, time, and frustration. You’ll understand what works best for you, your personality, lifestyle, and fashion which, in turn, will make you feel current, strong, fabulous, and chic!

So where to start with dressing ourselves? There are a lot of things to take into consideration!

A great starting point to figuring out what works for you is to stand in front of a full length mirror. Look to see what about your body shape you notice first. Are you an inverted triangle? An “A” shape? Do you have a very curvaceous body? No curves? Are you very angular? Do you have broad shoulders? No waist shape? Strong bone structure? Fine bone structure? Sensuous hips? These are all possibilities along with many others. The key is to not pick your body apart, but rather dress the first thing that grabs the eye. For example, if you have a curvaceous body with sensuous hips then wear fabrics that have a nice drape to them. This will flow with the body beautifully and drape in a stunning manner! A general recommendation for a body like this would be to keep details of an outfit towards the upper portion of the body to balance out the hips while leaving the lower portion of the outfit simple and tidy. Once you have this first piece of information, from there you can already begin to scour through your wardrobe and see what you have that compliments that. If you’re unable to hire a professional, you can always go back to the mirror and ask the second thing you notice about yourself and work up from there.

Styling yourself doesn’t have to be and doesn’t need to be stressful … it should be a fun and exciting way of expressing yourself and feeling good! Never anything less.