What Men Want

by admin

What Men Want

Last week I wrote about What Women Want, so it is only fair that this week I write about what men want. Being that I am not a man, I am following the knowledge that my male mentor has passed on to me.

As I sat down to write this article I decided to do a Google images search to find something that symbolizes “male power” (like I did last week for the ladies). Lo and behold up came a whole bunch of pictures of the male genitalia. So I changed my search to “strong man” and came up with the picture above. The point is that males and females want very different things, as a search for girl power will be vastly different.

For you males out there who are struggling with body image I want you to ask yourself one very important question: “What is my purpose?” If you can answer this with ease than your focus will be honoring your ability to perform you main purpose in life. If you cannot answer this question with ease, this is where the body image issues are rooted. So let me answer this in both ways.

Your purpose comes to you with ease: Jot down all the ways in which you are living this purpose full out today (even if it isn’t a traditional definition). For example, maybe your purpose is to provide for your family, but you are in a career that doesn’t pay very much, in what other ways are you providing for your family? Stop worrying about your body and focus on all the amazing qualities you bring to the universe.

Your purpose does not come to with ease and/or you don’ know what it is: Do some soul searching. What do you really want from the world? What do you want to present to the world? Why were you put on this earth? What are you good at? What do you presently do that serves the world and/or people?

The more you can focus on why you are here and what makes you an amazing, strong man, the more you will forget about some extra pounds and accept your body as is. If you have recently suffered from some sort of loss and/or a feeling of uselessness it is time to throw the pity party away, stop playing a victim and own your life.