What We’re Shopping At Everlane, One Of Meghan Markle’s Favorite Brands

by Sidney Burds and Caroline Harris

What We’re Shopping At Everlane, One Of Meghan Markle’s Favorite Brands
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Meghan Markle, she’s just like us! Aside from the whole being married to a prince and having a royal wardrobe, she still manages to shop and wear brands that we commoners can also enjoy. Case in point: her love for the affordable brand Everlane. Known for exceptional quality, brand transparency and ethical factories, we can understand her attraction.


One of the hottest trends in fashion right now is sustainability. New York Fashion Week 2020 featured up-cycled crystals, recycled cashmere and repurposed coats from previous seasons. The fashion world is moving toward the idea of a “capsule wardrobe” of timeless staples you can wear again and again. Everlane is committed to sustainability, with a brand purpose of quality clothing you can wear for decades to come.


It also helps that fashion icon Meghan Markle keeps stepping out in Everlane clothes. She loves these suede Everlane Editor flats, which are currently on sale for 30 percent off. You can also catch her wearing this Everlane jumpsuit on repeat. She adores the jumpsuit so much, she even wore it for her British Vogue shoot. Then there’s this Everlane tote, which Meghan Markle donned during her first public appearance with Prince Harry. Clearly, Markle turns to Everlane during key events and appearances.


We’re sharing which Everlane items we’re shopping that Meghan Markle would definitely approve of. Make a smart choice for your wardrobe and the environment by scooping up some of these Meghan Markle-worthy finds.


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Everlane Authentic Stretch Jean


Meghan Markle isn’t afraid to dress down, which is why when she’s not at royal engagements she’s often seen in a crisp clean top and jeans. We took notes from her classic style staples and picked out these brand new Everlane jeans that Meghan Markle would definitely wear. They’re a stretch denim (but look like actual denim) and a figure-flattering dream that will fool even the most diehard denim wearer into thinking you’re wearing the real thing.

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Everlane Oversized Blazer


Maybe she’s inspired by her starring role in "Suits," but Meghan Markle has been spotted a lot lately in blazers and blazer-inspired looks. Oversized blazers are an iconic look, which is why we added Everlane's Oversized Blazer to our cart, no questions asked. It delivers a menswear-inspired silhouette, is made of 100 percent recycled Italian wool and comes in four different colors. You can choose to go out on a limb with a plaid print or take a cue from Meghan and rock a time-honored classic black blazer.

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Everlane Modern Chelsea Boot


We can’t help but toss a pair of boots into our cart that we could picture Meghan Markle herself wearing. England, after all, is not exactly known for having clear skies and dry weather days, so a preppy pair of tan ankle boots seem right in line with Meghan’s royal style. Plus, Italian leather boots for less than $200 is a steal in our book!

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Everlane Cashmere Crew


We haven't married into royalty yet and are patiently waiting for our princes to come knocking. Until then, finding luxury pieces on a working girl's paycheck is a budgeting miracle. We were shook when we came across a 100 percent cashmere sweater that wasn't worth our paycheck and then some. Visions of outfit options from work to play started dancing through our heads — from sneakers and jean jackets to heels and statement earrings. It’s sexy and classy, just like our girl Meghan.

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Everlane Cotton Crew


Pre-royalty, Meghan Markle probably had a stack of these crews as part of her daily wardrobe, but now she’s under a more formal dress code. We love a great basic tee, and this one from Everlane is high quality to endure many wears and washes. While only $30, this steal looks like a splurge. It’s a slim fit, 100 percent cotton crewneck top that looks great with high-waisted bottoms. It's just what to wear while you wait for a prince to propose.

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Everlane Day Market Tote


Even your girl Meghan needs a tote bag to carry all her goods, and why look for a cheap imitation when you can get her exact bag, the Day Market Tote? The first time she was spotted carrying this bag it sold out, and now her cognac color of choice is finally back in stock. If you're in need of a new bag to carry to and from work, you have your pick of several color options. This Market Tote is constantly selling out, so act fast to scoop one up in your favorite color.

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Everlane Denim Skirt


Denim skirts are hot, hot, hot this spring. From indigo to black denim skirts, you can style these with everything and anything. We think Meghan Markle would personally adore this clean tailored look. This skirt is also made of a non-stretch denim so it will hold its shape through multiple wears (because who washes denim after the first-wear anyway) and look effortlessly put together, just like Meghan.

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Everlane Bodysuit


Speaking of Meghan Markle’s no-fuss style, we love filling our wardrobe with great simple pieces that make it look like we took our time getting ready in the morning, rather than the typical chaotic rush to work. A bodysuit is a versatile outfit base layer that keeps us looking polished, and we love the low, curved back on this one from Everlane. Throw on a blazer and jeans like Meghan and, boom, ready for work. Take off the jacket and throw on a bold lip for happy hour. It’s a piece that can handle any occasion and outfit need that pops up.

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The 100% Human Woman Box-Cut Tee in Small Print


Meghan Markle has been a longtime advocate for equality and civil rights, so without a doubt, we think she would approve of Everlane’s line of 100% Human Collection Tees. For every purchase, $5 goes toward the ACLU, a nonprofit organization fighting to promote civil rights since 1920.

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Everlane Day High Heel


Looking prim and polished is something Meghan Markle does best, and a heel dresses up any outfit. It adds height, makes your legs look longer, and steps up your style from a flat sneaker. We had to snag a pair of the new Everlane Day High Heels, which brag to be the same level of comfort as the brand's bestselling Day Heel, but now stacked higher. If the rumors are true, maybe we’ll see Meghan walking around London in these pumps. At $58, these heels are a serious steal.

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Everlane Yellow Wrap Dress


Meghan Markle has been selling out pieces the second she wears them, and one notable sell-out style was her yellow mid-length sheath dress. The Brandon Maxwell stunner is no longer available, but we’re still going to channel her golden goddess vibe with this marigold yellow wrap dress from Everlane. When July comes, this baby is coming with us on vacation.