What’s Expensive in Fashion

by admin

What’s Expensive in Fashion

Needless to say, I read a lot of fashion magazines. In fact, I am pretty sure I read all of them. In perusing a recent edition of Marie Claire, I was amazed at the fact that they were so proud that every item in the issue is under $250. In most people’s worlds that I know, $250 is a pretty sizeable purchase and not necessarily affordable. 

So as I read the issue, I kept thinking to myself, are they serious? 

They literally dressed up a model or celebrity from head to toe and each individual item was under $250. So, for example, you could have a $245 dress, a $229 pair of earrings, a $237 pair of shoes, a $145 belt, and a $219 bag. 

So this supposedly affordable outfit is now $1,075! 

I would have been far more impressed had they put an entire outfit together for $250. I also think that would have been far more useful. 

Just my thoughts. I’d love to hear yours!