When Did I Become Too Old for Today’s Fashion?

by admin

When Did I Become Too Old for Today’s Fashion?

My friend has been frantically searching for a dress for her grandson’s wedding. She has found the dressy attire in various stores is either too young or too matronly. I am having the same problem finding dresses to wear. I either look like a forty-something woman trying to look like a teenager or a forty-something woman who  trying to look years beyond her time. 

In my twenties, I could handle strapless. Granted, I didn’t have much to hold it up, but I could do the strapless dress. In my thirties, I had pretty good legs and could do the higher skirts, but now I’m in my forties, almost forty-five and those just don’t work anymore. I have athletic looking legs that are pretty toned, but I’m not in my thirties anymore.

My friend and I were looking at potential dresses for her upcoming wedding and we found some styles that were acceptable, but the colors were not. Neither of us do certain colors or crazy patterns. We want people to think we look nice, not make them dizzy from garish colors and patterns. The black dresses we looked at were stylish, but we do not want to look like we are going to a funeral. Add a black veil, some black gloves, and we’d look like Morticia. 

We have heard other women have found dresses to wear to the wedding, but we are not sure what styles. We keep hearing they are wearing beige, basic beige. I think there was a champagne color mentioned in there. I wonder when did I become beige. I always have loved vivid reds, vibrant blues, lovely lavender. Where are those colors in today’s styles? 

I saw picture of a lovely halter dress. Very stunning, very elegant, but the model was probably close to six foot tall, very slender and yes, twenty-something. I am none of those. 

I admire the style and elegance of Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil’s wife. She says all women can look elegant at any age. She’s cute as a button and always looks wonderful. I wish today’s designers would listen to that advice for women who are of a certain age. I have become that woman. I want to be stylish and elegant, too. I am not ready to be “beige.” I want to toast the bride and groom with champagne not wear the color.