Where Are the Fashion Police When You Need Them?

by admin

Where Are the Fashion Police When You Need Them?

Sometimes it seems fashion is deliberately ugly, garish, and unflattering. The French even have a word for it—“jolie laide” (a woman who is both beautiful and ugly). However there’s nothing beautiful about these six fashions.

Uggs: I can’t think of a worse fate for women’s shoe fashion. Unless your name is “Bride of Sasquatch,” save the Uggs for house slippers—when nobody’s looking.

The Tent Dress: For a a few hundred years, dresses were designed to flatter the body until someone decided to screw it all up with something called a “Tent Dress.” This dress only works if you’re a cute three-year-old toddler—or Angelina Jolie.

Harem Pants: Two words: M.C. Hammer. I’m also including the occasional riding pants.

Shants: Sheer Pants. I have no words to explain this horror.

Jumpsuits: Some things are just better off in two pieces. The jumpsuit never really died, rather it’s been living in purgatory, constantly haunting us.

Crocs: Only to be worn by children under eight … otherwise can be used as birth control.

Crocs images courtesy of Roland, Roosterfarm, and Twopinkpossums on Flickr (CC)