White: Fashion Trend 2008

by admin

White: Fashion Trend 2008

What: The hue of the New Year is a pure, snowy white

What the fashion heads say:
At Style.com, Candy Pratts Price says that at the moment, her favorite accessories (from jewelry to hats, and including boots and coats) “come in crisp, clean shades of white.” Elsewhere, we’re seeing lots of white blouses and evening apparel (including on the red carpet).

What we say: We have mixed feelings. White is always fresh, crisp, and beautiful to look at, but to wear? It’s definitely tough to keep it looking as pristine as newly-fallen snow. With that in mind, we’re thinking accessories are the way to be on trend—watches, hats, sunglasses—stuff that won’t be marred irreparably by leaning against a decidedly un-pristine car door or city bench. For evening, though, we might go for a simple white dress but we’ll be skipping the red wine, thank you very much.