Working Out Your Curves: Learning Curves

by admin

Working Out Your Curves: Learning Curves

I’ve got some tips on how to face those fitness fears with your workout gear choices. You don’t have to wear fancy gym gear to workout, but your workout wear needs to fit your silhouette and be flattering to your body. Give yourself permission to try on workout shirts and pants with a little “ease,” but not huge Muumuu-size tees. The rule is to make the best of your shape and keep yourself in shape!

Testing out clothes that are equal parts comfort and function is very important with today’s alternative activities. Fabrics that have hi-tech looks “wicking” were created to draw the perspiration away from your skin. This is great for hitting the treadmill or taking a spinning class to keep you cooler. I found that even the length of my T-shirts makes for a more comfortable workout experience moving in my body, especially when trying out something new, like a spinning class, or a Yoga or Pilates mat class, or even walking outdoors.

Cynthia Tivers, LA owner and designer of A Big Attitude® workout wear shared this: “I started out believing that not everybody is made to look like everybody else.” Because of the nature of her business Tiver’s has had the opportunity to meet and talk with hundreds and hundreds of women who are size fourteen and up and they reinforced what Cynthia believed, “It is absolutely no different when a woman goes to work out. If you wear clothing that is designed for the task at hand and flatters your shape, chances are you will be more motivated not just to work out, but to work out better.”

Here are some great activewear tips:

  • Enhance your waistline and create curves in athletic gear that work your middle while you are working out. Look for a more fitted T-Shirt or long-line athletic inner bra shelf top. Princess seaming defines a fuller waist, and color blocking with a darker shade on the sides is a perfect way to define and play down or up your waistline. (Tip: A Big Attitude has some of the best color blocking tops with Lycra that fit like a dream and are sized Ox-6x and Junonia carries Danskin and their own private brand.)
  • Balance a fuller bottom and more pear-shape figure with clothes that are fit for your shape with a flare leg cropped or full-length pant. You can also create a longer line with the illusion of an outside stripe on the leg in a lighter color. Look for yoga like pull on pant with a wider waistband for smoothness over your tummy as well. (Tip: There great styles on Athleta Gap which has size range S thru 2x and has a yoga pant style called: The Continuum Pant in all sizes and lengths.)
  • Define your bustline by choosing the right sports bra for your specific sport and always get the right coverage and support. (Tip: Champion has a great selection as well as Fig Leaves and Bare Necessities.)
  • Ankle and foot support comes with wearing supportive athletic shoes for weight bearing activities. (TIP: Brands such as New Balance, Ryka and Saucony have lines just for women and know the difference from your guy’s sneakers and also offer wider widths as well.) Just hit Zappos for lots of choices and wide widths as well.

Last Head Tip: Remember that how you speak about your own body has a lot to do with how others speak about you. Recognize that nearly every woman around you is having these “Body Conversations” all around you; why not just hit the gym or take a yoga class for yourself? Act confident! Seriously, people will believe you are confident. Nothing’s more attractive than people who genuinely feel good about living in their own skin! Exercise allows you to learn something about yourself, challenge yourself, and discover your own inner strength, power, and agility in moving in your curves.

By making sure those “body conversations” quiet down in our heads, finding the right fitness space, and the right workout clothes, you too can become a fabulous “gym diva” and start the fall season out right!