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Wrap Yourself in a Great Story

A Jon Wye belt does more than just hold up your pants. Each one tells a story that we at Daily Grommet love to tell. Jon’s designs are laid out horizontally, and the graphics are transferred onto the belts in a process that’s similar to how a tattoo artist might tattoo skin. It took him four years to perfect this secret technique, which ensures the designs won’t wear off.

Jon got his start making belt buckles while on a first date. His date wound up moving to Barcelona, but he kept up the craft after she left. Jon uses only high quality leather, and each unisex belt is custom made and finished with a special coating that protects the design from scratches. In all happens in Washington, D.C., where Jon built a workshop in his garage that’s outfitted with all the tools and machinery of his trade.

The illustrations created by Jon and his collaborating artists are phenomenal. The Zombies design shows red-eyed creatures infiltrating the Wild West for a comic-book effect, and Sea Monster tells the story of a besieged vessel. The Asian-inspired Koi design combines fish, flowers and a scale pattern, and the graphic Paisley belt renders the traditional paisley form in a more casual, graffiti-like way. Jon’s illustrations are so compelling, it makes us want to hear more of the story behind the characters. What exactly are those zombies doing in the Wild West? Did the schooner succumb to the tentacled monster?  More stories, please...

You can learn more and grab these belt stories here at Daily Grommet.

Originally published on Daily Grommet

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