You Can Officially Design Your Own Perfect Handbag Thanks to Mon Purse

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You Can Officially Design Your Own Perfect Handbag Thanks to Mon Purse

Mon Purse has given us the ability to design our own handbags, and we aren't sure if we'll be able to stop at just one!

Not all of us are blessed with the skill set to become a renowned fashion designer, but now thanks to Mon Purse, we can sure try!

The Australian brand, founded in 2015 by Lana Hopkins, is blessing the world with made-to-order custom handbags, and it's getting us even more excited to sprint our way into 2017.

With an enormous range of colors, textures, and metals and prices spanning all the way from $35 to $480, we are seriously drooling thinking about all of the options. Choices include everything from crocodile textures and animal prints to smooth, simple designs and even the ability to add a monogram or choose your own color for the metal (and what a perfect opportunity to incorporate some of that ever-so-popular rose gold that we adore right now)! Seriously, what didn't they think of? They even have a 3D builder on their website, so you can see every single detail of your custom creation. TBH, it sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day gift to get for ourselves this year.

If your patience is waning after too much family time from the holidays, Mon Purse carries ready-to-buy pieces in any store that stock the brand. However, if you can manage a little extra time in addition to a small stroke of creativity, this ability to make handbags totally your own could be a serious game changer.


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Look out 2017, because with a new year and a new bag of our dreams, we're about to be even more unstoppable.