Your Fall Capsule Wardrobe: 14 Items You’ll Wear All Season

by admin

Your Fall Capsule Wardrobe: 14 Items You’ll Wear All Season

Capsule wardrobes are all the rage, and we decided to jump on the mini-wardrobe bandwagon for a collection that is ready for fashion’s favorite season.

The idea of creating a capsule wardrobe may seem a little alarming to those fashionistas who pride themselves on having a different color shoe for every day of the month with a matching handbag to go with (ahem—talking to myself here), but maybe it’s not as outlandish of an idea as it seems. Afterall, it would be nice to learn to control the urge to buy every cute top we see in store windows while walking through the mall, and wouldn’t it be great to scroll past the shiny new lineup of products that appear in our email inboxes each morning?

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of nearly 10 to 30 items that could be considered outfit staples that you can wear multiple different ways, mixing and matching with one another to recreate your everyday look with ultimate class.

A capsule wardrobe provides a way to invest in good quality pieces that are timeless and versatile while simultaneously parting with that sequin mini skirt from college that we promise ourselves we’ll wear one day. (Spoiler alert: You’re never going to wear it again.) Nevertheless, we created our ideal collection for the fall season.

To buy (left to right): Gap, $50 |  Madewell, $25 | Nordstrom Rack, $35

When creating a capsule wardrobe, you’ll want to choose pieces that err on the neutral side of the spectrum, but make up for their—dare we say, plainness—with the details. These three tops offer great versatility, by giving you the option to wear to the office, a Saturday afternoon grocery trip, or even a casual date night.

The gray bell sleeve top is everything we want in a simple knit shirt. The sleeves say this girl knows style while the comfortable material and crew neck make this an easy top to layer under a sweater or coat.

The black-and-white striped tee from Madewell is the ultimate basic t-shirt with a little added flair. The relaxed fit makes the top a comfortable option for pairing with jeans on casual Friday at the office, while we could also see this top as an edgy staple, born to pair with leather leggings and a statement necklace for a fun night on the town. And lastly, the office-approved white blouse of our dreams from Ro & De is an understated fashion risk that will jazz up any pant, skirt, or jegging.

To buy (left to right): Bloomingdales, $178 | Express, $88 | Zara, $50

For your jeans and skirts, think versatile. Patterns can be fun on occasion, but when building a capsule wardrobe you’ll want to attain pieces that can be worn and reworn, and then worn again. Obviously you need a staple pair of go-to jeans to be the base drop for any shoe, shirt, and coat combination.

Also, adding in an edgier pair of black skinny jeans might not be a bad idea either, you know—for when you want to channel your avant-garde side. For the workday or a classy date night dinner, this classic black midi skirt will have you looking flirty and feminine.

To buy (left to right): Nordstrom, $299 | Intermix, $395 | Intermix, $595

Fall is great, because typically the weather is just nice enough to where you can get by without lugging around a big coat but socially acceptable enough to wear the most major jackets. This simple and classic gray sweater from Nordstrom is a must-have for fall, given that you can wear it to work, to a coffee date, and who are we kidding—even to bed. When cozy meets stylish, you know you made a wardrobe win.

This belted cropped trench is our favorite piece from the entire capsule collection, because it is simple enough to go with any outfit, yet stylish enough to never be forgotten. It will undoubtedly be our new favorite fall essential, and we can’t wait to wear it with literally every outfit.

And last but not least, we can’t forget about this absolutely perfect plaid blazer that is right on trend now that menswear is having a serious moment in women’s fashion. It will have you feeling like the ultimate girl boss as you sit at your desk, sipping your coffee, and resisting the urge to online shop now that you have a capsule wardrobe! Obviously.

To buy (left to right): Nordstrom, $100 | Macy’s, $79 | Macy’s, $200 | J.Crew, $188 | Nordstrom, $120

We can’t build a fall capsule collection without some booties, and that obviously begins and ends with a classic black pair that will soon be your go-to shoe of the entire season. Because we don’t discriminate, we added a pair of black OTK boots as well, just in case we’re feeling a little adventurous and want to step up our shoe game—literally.

We also added in a pair of white ankle booties, because if you’ve been following any trend reports this season, you’ll know that every street style star and her sister are rocking these. (We’re looking at you, Hadids.) And lastly, a fall shoe collection can’t be complete without a pair of mules and though we love this classic black pair by Steve Madden for any ordinary day, we surely can’t turn down a shoe with cheetah print. The cheetah print loafers from J. Crew are the perfect way to incorporate a fun pattern with a little playful risk as you mix and match these staple pieces all season long.

The key to building a capsule wardrobe is picking items that you can mix and match everyday of the week, so stick with simple and classic pieces that will pair well together. That being said, don't be afraid to add in a bold accessory or a go-to jacket that will do all the talking for your outfit.

Great style comes in all shapes and sizes, but the key is in the details. The rest is all just minimalist-inspired basics and—alright—one pair of cheetah print loafers! Now, to go purge our closets…