Like Your Galoshes, Love Your Umbrella

by admin

Like Your Galoshes, Love Your Umbrella

We should start an umbrellution.  Pitch your bleak and broken, eye-threatening umbrellas and invest a lil’ love in a vibrant ‘brella with some tang. Transform the sidewalk into a crusty canvas.

Brighten the canopy.  Play in puddles.  Prance around the park.  You get the idea.

Sounds like bliss. How do we do it?

Let the wise Spokes speak.

Spoke One
Spread the flare via gift-giving. The average person would rather purchase two Blue Moons before ever swiping the AMEX for our dear ‘brella.

But a gift.  A gift is special.  The recipient may seem indifferent towards the umbrella, but deep down they know they are part of a bigger plan—the ‘lution.

Spoke Two
Well spoken.  … Overkill?

Support other ‘brella folk with a simple head-nod.  A smile, perhaps.  If you’re really feeling bold, compliment the most dazzling design of the day.  We’re encouraging excellence here.

Spoke Three
Unavailable due to assault and battery charges of a pedestrian.  Both parties involved did not exercise Umbrella Etiquette, unfortunately.