Your New Favorite Color

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Your New Favorite Color

Porter Grey’s Spring 2008 collection is ready to roll!

Blend—an instructional word we have heard over and over again throughout our lives. From the way we mixed patterns and fabrics to the discovery of our mothers blush, it has come to mean different things at various stages. Although we have learned not to don plaids with polka-dots, most of us still find ourselves staring at the closet with uneasiness about our ability to balance pieces properly.

Enter our heroes, Alexandra and Kristen O’Neill. These sisters and the designers behind New York-based Porter Grey, launched their brand of womenswear in fall of 2006 (naming it after their great-grandmother) to give women a closet full of headache-free choices. Combining their vision for iconic trends and modern cuts, the duo found a fresh way to create an elegant and classic line, making the evil “blend” voices subside.

Ready to unveil their Spring 2008 collection, their use of soft silks and flattering patterns incorporates the same easy-to-wear appeal that they’ve made reputation on (causing celebrities like Sophia Bush to take notice). “The new collection draws inspiration from the French 18th century Rococo movement with its powder blue and blush color palette and feminine and whimsical details,” notes Alexandra. Some key pieces include a sexy and simple Egyptian collar with ruffle detail dress and a silk faille theater coat that is light enough to stay true to the season, yet still looks great with whatever is hiding underneath.

Porter Grey’s looks for spring are comprehensive and fun, making this line the ultimate solution for any closet case.

By Rebecca Brown

Photo Courtesy of Gen Art Pulse