At Your Service: Meet Your Personal Closet Connoisseur

by Alexis Puebla

At Your Service: Meet Your Personal Closet Connoisseur

Clueless enthusiasts rejoice, because Cher Horowitz’s digital outfit generator of 2018 has just arrived.

Clueless fans, you better sit down for this: Cher Horowitz’s digital outfit generator of 2018 has just arrived. The oh-so-perfect MORE Personal Stylist is our newest obsession and we can’t wait to tell you all about its fabulousness. And to think we needed Instagram influencers to help us put together outfits… ugh, as if!

Catered To Your Closet

We all know the Monday morning struggle of snoozing the alarm clock one too many times, taking too long to curl our unruly tresses, and then standing in front of our disorderly array of clothes to try and rummage a coffee break inspired Snapchat-worthy ensemble. After a while, it can seem like all we wear are the same five tops every week despite the plethora of clothes dangling from our closet hangers.

For a fashion loving lady like myself, it boggles my mind how getting dressed in the morning poses such a serious contest. Since when did our daily walk to the wardrobe rival the angst of our morning commute? Lucky for me, the new MORE Personal Stylist has ascended from the digital heavens to help my morning struggles, weekend dilemmas, and every outfit planning fiasco in between.

Founded by a former fashion editor-in-chief, the More Personal Stylist caters to your closet, specifically helping you pair outfits together based on what you already own and with the top-notch advice of fashion editors. You’ll also be given personalized suggestions on new hot items that will complement your existing pieces while also maximizing potential outfit combinations. Curated outfits based on my current closet situation and a styling session with a fashion editor? Where do I sign up?!

Style Made Simple

So how does this whole Clueless-esque thing work you ask? Just wait until you see the easy-to-use style quiz:

Step 1: Select the basic staple pieces you already own, such as your go-to black blazer, your favorite trench coat, and the black pencil skirt you’ve secretly owned since freshman year.
Step 2: Give your stylist an idea of what you’re most in need of, from weekend wear to office attire. Or if you’re like me, ask for all the advice.
Step 3: Based on your specific wardrobe essentials, the MORE Personal Stylist and its expert styling team will then offer up over a dozen different looks for you to gain some fashion inspiration. Using pieces from your own closet and suggesting must-have buys straight from the fashion editors’ lookbooks, you’ll be well on your way to rocking a sophisticated look come Monday’s board room meeting. Who knew shopping from our closets could be so much fun?

For The Trendsetter

The More editors are absolutely obsessed with this styling service—it’s amazing we ever managed to get by without it. From the curated outfit suggestions to the snapshots of our entire wardrobe at a glance, it’s the fashion technology of the future and we are #blessed to be here for it.

We know our devoted readers will be over the moon about the MORE Personal Stylist. Whether you’re an on-the-go kind of gal or simply despise perusing the clothing racks in the mall, this digital styling aide will make shopping a simplified experience that is more efficient and convenient. The ability to shop while speaking with a stylist is the cherry on top to this fashionable pie, because given their expertise you’ll be able to build outfits based on your own personal style and body type. Does it get any better than that? Cher Horowitz definitely doesn’t think so.

Want to see more? Try the MORE Personal Stylist today and see what your closet connoisseur can do for you!