Zendaya’s New Clothing Line Is Inclusive In Every Damn Way

by Bethany Lozier

Zendaya’s New Clothing Line Is Inclusive In Every Damn Way

Daya by Zendaya is Zendaya’s first clothing venture, and she’s making her mark on the fashion industry in the best way possible. The line is reasonably priced, totally on trend, and practically everyone can rock a piece from Daya thanks to the brand’s inclusive mission.


No one bats an eyelash when celebrities release their own clothing lines. If you’ve got a name that’ll sell, might as well brand it, right? Zendaya is no exception. The young celeb is entering the fashion world with stylish fervor. But even though Zendaya’s fame certainly bolsters her entrepreneurial ventures, her new clothing line called Daya by Zendaya is unlike most celebrity fashion collections on the market, and for an extremely good reason: it’s completely inclusive.


Yep, you heard that right: Zendaya designed her premiere fashion line for literally everyone. Daya features sizes ranging from 0 to 22, nothing is more expensive than $160 and most items are unisex, meaning clothing swaps have never been easier. From jumpsuits to loungewear to trendy anoraks, Daya represents every style genre alongside every body type.


Check out some of Daya’s hottest pieces, all under $100:




Scuba Lace Up Dress, $88




Ribbed One-Shoulder Crop Top, $58




Satin Cross-Back Slip Dress, $58.00


Don’t mind us, we’re just shelling out every last dollar we’re worth over here. As if the minimalist, chic street wear designs weren’t enough to pull you in and rob you of every last cent, it’s extremely refreshing to invest in a clothing line supporting equal representation.


According to Daya’s website, Zendaya teamed up with celebrity stylist Law Roach to “break every fashion rule and create a legendary label transforming what you know about high fashion.” Daya’s contemporary brand is “designed for all ages, shapes, and nationalities.”


Well, what are you waiting for? Daya is available exclusively online, and we’re sure these pieces are going to fly off the virtual shelves. We’re mad proud of Zendaya’s new line, and we totally support her inclusive fashion representation mission. After all, good fashion never goes out of style.