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Favorite Color Design for a Child’s Room

While sending a child to their room is often a parent’s first line of punishment, if the truth were to be told, most children love their rooms. It is their own little space where they can be safe and let their imaginations out to play. You can help make this space even happier by using their favorite colors throughout the design.

Yellow, Blue, and Green
Some colors are simple to incorporate into a room’s design, while others are not. With a little luck, your child’s favorite color is one of the easy colors like yellow, green or blue. These are easy colors to put on a wall, and you can find plenty of fabrics for bedding and curtains. You can also use different intensities of the color throughout the room to build a really fun and colorful effect. Children love to paint, so this may be a perfect time to let them help you paint the room or even paint a piece of furniture.

Hard Colors
Some children, however, have very specific favorite colors that are a little less conventional like black, hot pink or red. While you could paint a wall any of these colors, it would probably not be a good choice. That does not mean that you will not be able to decorate their room in this color, it just means that you do not want to plaster it all over the walls.

Great Accents
While you would not want to cover all walls with a color, you could probably use the color to create a focal wall in their room. If the color is absolutely too dark, you can use it to paint trim, paint part of the wall, add a stencil or hang in a wallpaper pattern. Black is one of the harder colors to add to the wall, unless you think a little creatively. Use black chalkboard paint to cover a single wall. Not only does this idea get the black color into the room, but it also gives your child permission to draw on his walls.

More Colors
Since children tend to change their minds over time as to what their favorite color is, you may want to give the background of their room a more neutral color and simply add their favorite colors as accents. For example, if the walls, ceiling and floor are all a light neutral, then you can use light colored wood on all of their furniture. This, in essence, creates an entirely blank canvas for you to work upon. So if your child’s favorite color is red, you can add red in the bedding, in an area rug, in the curtains, in the lighting, as a ceiling fan and as artwork on the wall. You can get plenty of red into a room without painting a single thing. By not adding the favorite color as paint, you can switch over to a new color almost effortlessly. One trip to the store can replace bedding, curtains and area rug, and you are just about done with the transformation. So as you are decorating in your child’s favorite color, before you begin painting or adding any permanent fixtures, consider how long this color is likely to enjoy the slot of favorite, and make your selections accordingly.