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Fear of Being Fired? Nine Smart Ways to Prepare Now

Worried about losing your job in today’s economy? As a Vibrant Woman who recently experienced exactly that, I can assure you that now is the time to prepare for this eventuality. A few tips: 

1. Create your resume now.
It’s best to do this while you are not freaked out about losing your job and finding a new one. The old adage “the best time to look for a job is when you are employed” is true. If you can’t do it yourself, than do some research and pay someone to do it. It’s an investment you must make in your career. Remember, you only have a few precious moments to generate interest on a stack of resumes or the “In” box of the decision maker for the position you want. Also, be sure your resume has the right keywords in it which will be recognized by search engines. Otherwise, it will be overlooked by recruiters searching for your specific talents, expertise, and skill sets. 

2. Familiarize yourself with all of the various career portals available online.
Examples are Monster, CareerBuilder, Yahoo HotJobs and DICE. Personally, I dislike all of these sites--but they do contain good resources, advice and insight. Be aware of scam jobs posted on these sites, too. The old cliche of “If it sounds too good to be true, than it probably is” applies to jobs, too. 

3. Create a resume in various formats.
Examples of formats include Word, PDF, RTF, and my favorite new service, It’s literally a visual resume that can showcase your brand—YOU—while sharing live links of websites, portfolios, references, campaigns, etc. This service is in beta form right now and free! Plus, they have their own job boards. 

4. Research, research, research.
Also, find trade sites that specifically work with recruiters or employers within your areas of expertise and interest. 

5. Utilize social media.
Have a current profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Business is business, so don’t post personal or non-professional links, posts, or comments on these sites that a potential employer could see and find negative. Remember, many companies now use these sites to research a client prior to interviewing or making a final decision. Proofread every word, sentence, and formatting to insure you have presented yourself as a top professional. Competition is tough and you are competing against candidates who are younger and less experienced, but the will also work for a lot less. Is it fair? No, but then life isn’t fair either. 

6. Save.
If I have heard it once, I have heard it a million times: Save, save, save! Make sure you have a contingency fund for groceries, mortgage, utilities, COBRA (health insurance) etc. Be prepared to cut back any luxury in your life including the $4 daily latte or cable TV. The more you save, the better you will be prepared to ride the waves till you can locate new employment. 

7. Network, network, network.
Do this both online and offline. Enough said. 

8. Volunteer.
Help those who are less fortunate. You’ll be a better person and feel better about yourself helping someone less fortunate. 

9. Last, but not least: be grateful.
Be grateful for what your have and never take it for granted, because when you least expect it you may be the one that gets called into an unscheduled meeting on Friday morning and told, “Sorry, we have to let you go.” 

By VintageIsVogue for VibrantNation