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The Feng Shui of Your Money

Feng Shui, literally meaning wind and water (the only two elements you can’t live without!), is the art of positive interaction between people and their environments for optimal life success. The name for this action is “chi” flow; literally, it is our cosmic breath. There is chi in everything around us, and how chi moves through and with us in our environments determines our quality of life. And Feng Shui is the name for the relationship that occurs between you, your chi flow, and your environment.

This “ancient Chinese secret” is alive and well … and people are learning every day how to harness the power of their environments to support them in creating more of what they want in their lives. Working with your Feng Shui can be a powerful experience, because it will invite you to address where there is stuck energy and open up new energy flow in your life.

Feng shui is traditionally thought of as being a physical environment practice. However, the interpretation of the principles of feng shui translate to many other applications, including health and self-care, wardrobe and personal image, corporate strategic planning, thinking and communication patterns, music, and others. Nearly everything has an energetic pathway or appearance which can be “Feng Shui’d—from a hair cut to a business plan to diet to money—the possibilities for conscious evolution are infinite!

The good news is that as each person clears out their clutter, or blocked energy, and gets into alignment with their maximum chi flow, that energy spreads out, much like a ripple effect. In this case, working with your Feng Shui to enhance your abundance will affect the economy; that is, as you start being more abundant, so will the people around you, and around them and, eventually, that is reflected in the economic reports as a reflection of all our wealth.

Three Things You Can Feng Shui Today:
1. Wallet/Purse/Checkbook: How you honor your money on a daily basis is a big indicator of how you treat your relationship with wealth; that is, if your wallet or purse is over-stuffed, in bad shape, thrown around wherever when you get home, these are all signs that you are not honoring your money. If your checkbook hasn’t been balanced in awhile, it’s time to give some tender loving care to the numbers, because they represent your money. Honor your money so it can honor you.

2. Where You Pay Your Bills: The actual area where you pay your bills should be clear, open and uncluttered. If you are writing bills with piles of paper around you, or while sitting on the floor, or you are competing with the television for your attention as you disburse your resources for what you want and have purchased in life, you are diluting the focus and even possibly creating chaos in your money. Feng Shui your money by having a dedicated place to store your bills and a clear area in which to write out your monthly payments.

3. Your Front Door: This is called the “mouth of chi” to your home, and it is the entry way through which the Universe brings you abundance, good fortune and opportunities. If your front door is hidden, dark, isn’t used, doesn’t feel good, has a broken light or doorbell, you are constricting the amount of abundance and prosperity that can come to you. Feng Shui your front door so it’s attractive and inviting, so money will feel welcome.

As each person begins to unlock the common sense of this ancient Chinese secret, we all get a little bit closer to our natural energetic state of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. And it all starts with the Feng Shui of your money.