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A Few Tips to Stay Awake at Work

As I was walking into work this morning, tired and groggy from a bad night’s sleep, I tried to think of the many ways that I could help myself have more energy in the morning, or at best wake myself up. Sure there are the basic and common things the working class can and do, but perhaps there are things we’re all missing that may not be so obvious to us. So I came up with a few different techniques that, in my opinion, may help those of us who are really not morning people.

1. If you work on a floor higher than the second floor, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Sure it might be difficult but it will wake you up and is great exercise for your legs.

2. For those coffee drinkers out there, how about asking your local barista to put a shot of espresso in your coffee (I did this this morning and it’s wonderful what that little something extra can do).

3. When you first get into the office don’t immediately launch into a frenzy thinking about all the things you have to get done that day. Start the day by eating a little breakfast, checking the latest on Google news or just checking out that e-mail you got with all those pictures of puppies sleeping.

4. Bring small snacks with you and keep them in your desk drawer, if you’re able to, and snack throughout the day. Small meals every few hours can help give you more energy.

If anyone has any more ideas not mentioned here feel free to add them!