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Finding Joy in a Difficult Holiday Season

Last Christmas was tough on our family. We had just been through a very long year of unemployment and were selling our home to move to a new state. Money was tight, the house was filled with moving boxes and we were about to make a big change in everyone’s life.

In spite of the challenges, we were determined to find joy in the holidays.

Here are four things we learned along the way:

Seize the Moments
You may not have the time or money to devote to amazing holiday festivities, but grab memorable moments while you can! Cut out paper snowflakes after dinner or have a quick hot chocolate break (with mini-marshmallows, of course). Look for little moments!

Keep Some Traditions
Just downsize them! Simplify some of the things you enjoy about the holidays. Finding creative ways to keep your traditions or at least modify them will mean a lot to everyone and keep depression from setting in. Keep the traditions alive!

Lower Your Expectations
During difficult times don’t put extra pressure on yourself to do more than you are able. Discuss with your family what they can expect and why this year might be different. It is a good lesson for everyone in living within your means and knowing what really counts.

Create New Traditions for Future Holidays
Those Charlie Brown trees and treasured moments creating paper garland might become the best memories ever.

Originally published on The Inspired Room