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Finding Your Passion

Everyone wants to do what they love to do, there is no doubt about that, but how many are willing to go through all the ups and down to get there. Well if you want to be fulfilled in life you will take the risk. Risk it all to get to a place that you can truly look back and say it was all worth it. “CAUTION! NOT EVERYONE HAS TO QUIT THEIR JOB” Calculate your risk! Be smart about it.

Being true to yourself and following your dream takes work. You have to be willing to work on yourself. Relationships in life are the tools that are used to help you navigate your life and find the true meaning of life. Look around you, which relationships are causing you pain? When you take the time to review those relationships and take inventory of what is really going on inside of you, you will find that this is your moment to face life’s obstacle so that you can reach your destiny. Once you take the time and work on the most painful relationships, you will come out a winner, whether you have to let go of that relationship and move on, or make it more healthy is all the work you need for personal growth.

Now you are ready to move into personal development. You will find that you are becoming more energized to start working on the things that you have always wanted to do. There is no more hindrance, you have worked on the most difficult tracks of life. You are now ready to go and rise up to your full potential. You can face anything, nothing will move you as long as you keep your head up!

Start with thinking about what comes naturally to you, what do people say, you are so good at? I love to write, I write and write and write, I always have something to write about, I always have to write a shopping list even when I will not follow through with it, I just enjoy writing. People noticed and they always told me you are a writer. I had to one day say “yes I am a writer” then I started writing stuff that I could share with others, other than writing a grocery list or writing in my journal. I took the time to share my talent, and gift.

Once you open one gift, the other gifts in you will start screaming to be opened too. You will start to realize there are so many boxes that needed to be unwrapped, you might not necessarily like some, but they are still yours to keep. DO what ever you want to do with them, you can give them away, keep them, or sell them.

What gifts are you willing to give away today? Those are the gifts you are willing to give back for example doing Volunteer work. What are you willing to keep, those are the ones you use to enjoy your past time. What are you will to sell? Now these are the gifts you use to make money. Are you with me so far?

Follow your heart and find your passion.