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First Lady Michelle Obama Launches Let’s Move Campaign to Fight Childhood Obesity

First Lady Michelle Obama has launched the Let’s Move: America’s Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids initiative to encourage American families to make healthier lifestyle choices. The campaign targets the topics of exercise and healthy food as the keys to fighting childhood obesity across America. In addition to encouraging individuals to make healthy choices, the Let’s Move initiative also brings attention to the public policy issues that accompany childhood obesity and related health concerns.

In terms of public policy, the government needs to ensure that quality food is available in the nation’s public schools and affordable for all American families.

To get involved, join the call to action for a healthier America. You can also contact your legislators and let them know that healthy nutrition in schools should be a national priority—the Child Nutrition Act needs to be reauthorized in 2010!

Written by Erica Liepmann for