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The First Step to Success in Business

Whether you’re a virtual assistant or the CEO of a multi-national company, task management software can make or break you.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re the owner of a small company with just a few employees or a team member in one of the hundreds of departments in a multi-national company, there always seems to be too much to do. And no matter what the size of your business—whether you’re dealing with complex strategic plans and programs or day-to-day action items—the survival and growth of your business depend on getting everything done, on time. Here’s a brief rundown on task management software and a few other organizational tools to help you out.

Task management software. Gone are the days of sticky notes covering everything in your office except your keyboard and the viewing portion of your monitor. Note: that’s just the viewing portion, the frame is invisible (it’s a really good place for sticky notes.) With task management software every one of those sticky notes can be recorded, prioritized and put on your calendar.

Project management software. All those individual tasks recorded in your task management software add up something. Running a business is like a pyramid. At the top is the overall strategy, immediately below that are the plans you need to bring the strategy to fruition, and from there things get broken down even further until you get to the little day-to-day action items for each person involved. The success of the strategy depends on each person doing their part. How do you monitor and control all that activity? With project management software.

File sharing. No, we’re not talking about downloading illegal movies and music - we’re talking about a sophisticated and well-organized electronic storage system for data that can be easily and immediately distributed to everyone who needs it. Companies have reported being able to access data four times faster and reduce confusion by 100 percent. The end result—faster problem resolution, faster decision making, and products that get to market in record time.

Collaboration software. Good collaboration software includes all of the above. Project management and task management software functionality enables a department head, for example, to monitor the tasks and projects of all concerned. And file sharing takes on new meaning: you can not only find and distribute files easily, you can also review documents, spreadsheets and other vital information over an intranet or the Internet with as many co-workers as needed, all at the same time. Saves time, saves money, and geography can’t slow you down.

In the words of Malcolm S. Forbes, publisher of Forbes Magazine until his death in 1990, “One worthwhile task carried to a successful conclusion is worth half-a-hundred half-finished tasks.” Whether you’re a virtual assistant or a CEO, task management software will help make sure the half-a-hundred things on your plate actually get done.