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Five (Not Awkward) Gifts for Your Office Coworkers

When you’re giving coworker gifts, it’s important to tow that tough line between thoughtful and inappropriate. These five gifts (all under $25) will work for almost any coworker, from a casual acquaintance to a cubicle-mate. Make it more personal by adding his favorite candy or caffeinated beverage. 

1. For your shopaholic coworker who’s always browsing online sample sales come lunchtime, gift her with a Beyond the Rack gift card ($25)—and we promise the next time you need a favor, she won’t hesitate.

2. Your female coworker will love Philosophy’s The Winter Escape gift set ($19) featuring peppermint hot cocoa shampoo (yum) melting marshmallow lip shine and “body souffle.”

3. Who doesn’t want their apartment to smell like creamy Godiva chocolate? The candy company makes delectable candles ($22.50) that last, like this milk chocolate truffle scented one.

4. Let your officemate listen to the holiday songs of their choosing with a universally-useful iTunes gift card—for $15, they’ll get a good amount of new songs for their iPod.

5. Everybody hates dry, crackly hands in the winter, which is why a Kiehl’s Hand Care For A Cure ($12.50) makes a great present. The cream moisturizes, soothes, and protects your skin, plus all proceeds go to AIDS research.

Searching for more gift ideas? Check out the holiday worthy finds in our guides to the best in comfy gloves, hats, and slippers.

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