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Five Proven Backlink Building Tactics for Bloggers

Very often, a blog is a sort of the side medium and the blog owner does not have enough time to build the required amount of backlinks. So it is very useful to know that the job can be automated.

This article tells about five backlink building techniques, which I have used successfully for my blog.

1. Article marketing

It is easy to write articles if you are a blogger; the two jobs are so close to each other. The articles will bring a lot of backlinks rapidly, if the writer uses a mass distribution system to hundreds or thousands of websites and article directories.

These written articles must be optimized using effective keywords. This is crucial, because people will find the article using the same keywords than what the article writer has used.

The article writer, a blogger, has to remember that a mass distribution means a lot of duplicated content. This means that these widely distributed articles will not climb to the first places on the result pages of the search engines but will work effectively by bringing a lot of visitors and backlinks.

2. Reciprocal link building
This is another effective way to get targeted visitors and links. The term “reciprocal link” means that your blog and another related blog both has a link pointing to each other. It is a sort of a co-operation.

How you can get reciprocal links? Okay, first you can use a manual system and join some link exchange program or you can mail to a single blog owner and ask if he wants to change links. These both ways are relatively slow

Then you can buy some software, which is a powerful way to build a lot of related links. However, a blogger must be careful, because if the link list will be too big, the search engines will see it as a sort of a link farm and punish the blog.

3. Take your blog to the groups of the search engines
The biggest search engines have different groups and you can join some of them and get the blog url there. By writing some quality post you can get traffic to the blog and some backlinks.

4.  Blog content quality is still the king
The most effective short and long term backlink builder is the quality content of the blog. This means that a blogger must take the blog seriously. It is not a diary, but a business tool. When blog visitors like the content, they will bookmark the blog or even quote the posts, which both mean a good amount of (viral) backlinks, visitors, and a nice image.

A blogger must never use his own articles as blog posts, because they are duplicate content.

5. Writing to the forums
The same topic forum posts work effectively in backlink building. Here also the quality works best. Every single post builds credibility and does the pre-selling work. When the blog url is in the sig file, every post build a backlink to the blog.

The posts can also be optimized, which makes it possible for the search engines to rank them on the result pages.