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Five Quick Tips to Transform Your Dining Room This Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe that it’s this time of year again and that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Some of us will be traveling and others will be hosting. So for those of us who will be acting as chef, host, and sommelier this Thanksgiving, these tips are for you!

1. Eliminate the Clutter:
Whether it’s your dining room, living room, family room, or outdoor patio that you plan to use for your Thanksgiving feast, the first order of business is to clean up and reorganize that space from top to bottom. Use the time as an excuse to purge and get rid of any unnecessary possessions you’ve been holding on to for years, pack away everything that isn’t needed for the weekend, and scrub your furniture down so it sparkles!

2. Design Inspiration:
When it comes to dressing a Thanksgiving table, undoubtedly the greatest source of inspiration is right before your eyes. Walk out your front door and take your kids on a walk through your neighborhood. Collect all the leaves, twigs, branches and pine cones that you can find and create napkin rings, centerpieces or simply scatter them on top of your holiday table with baby pumpkins and gourds. The colors will be spectacular! Don’t forget to spray them with insect repellent when you get home!

3. Layer with Fabrics and Textures:
To create a divine table setting, layer several different fabrics over top your wood table. Place mats, linen napkins, and table runners in varying textures and tones will set the stage, and create an eye-popping and magnificent first impression. If you’re short on runners or cloths, just head over to your discount fabric store, find some complimentary fabrics for next to nothing, and finish them with some hemming tape.

4. Place Settings:
Have some fun with your table settings. If you have enough for everyone, use your best china, crystal, and silverware to create an effervescent table full of shimmer and sparkle. Add the napkin rings, napkins, and centerpiece and you’ve created a magnificent tablescape. Or for a more casual theme, introduce some plates and dishes and bowls with an eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures. Regardless of the style, the more layers to your place settings, the more bountiful the room will appear.

5. The Details:
It really is all in the details. Hollow out some small baby pumpkins, gourds, and acorn squash running them along the entire width of your table, and use them as candleholders. They create a warm luminous glow, enhance the mood and everyone looks beautiful. You can’t beat that! Slipcovers are a great way to dress up your chairs, or just tie some raffia onto the seat backs. Write a special heart-felt thanks on each individual place card; share how thankful you are for having them in your life. Finally, sit back and enjoy this special time with your family and friends.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!