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Five Tempting (but Not Worth It) Things You Can Buy Online

eBay is fun for browsing but can be dangerous for people who are quick to pull the purchasing trigger. These five items might tempt you for one reason or another, but try to relax and ask yourself if you really need them, or would you be better off saving your pennies.

“The Cadillac of Betamaxes”
Bidding currently stands at $405 for the Sony Betamax SL-HF2100, the release of which marked the fifteenth anniversary of the Betamax platform. Shortly thereafter, of course, these machines would all but disappear. Even if you’ve got a closet full of Beta tapes just waiting for a machine in which to play them, we suggest you move along. The past is gone.

A Samurai Sword
I don’t care how much you loved Kill Bill, you don’t need a samurai sword ... especially one that will set you back at least $8,500. This one is from 1650 A.D. and has actual battle scars, so I’m sure it would come in real handy the next time you’re in a samurai battle.

Celebrity Trading Cards
Bidding starts at $4.99 for an original, signed Dick Van Patten trading card. Actually, I might have to try to buy this. It’s kinda cool.

A Dead Centipede
I’m sure this entry will annoy entomologists far and wide, but this auction is a bit creepy. Currently the bidding stands at $1.25 for the Scolopendra centipede located in Akron, Ohio, but frankly you couldn’t pay us enough to take possession.

A Love Spell
If you’re looking for love, chances are this is one of the wrong places. Lady T is offering to cast a tailored spell that promises to “make your lost lover come crawling back to you.” What about a poem or a nice dinner out? Must we resort to the dark arts? Bidding starts at $9.99. 

Originally published on MainStreet