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Five Tips on Marketing Your Website Through Free Classifieds

We all have access to free online classifieds at the touch of our finger tips. Free classifieds help to get the word out about your service or product that you are marketing through your website, yet they can become very time consuming. Here are five tips on marketing your website through free classifieds that will make the process a bit simpler.

  1. Bookmark classified websites that you go to often to save time in searching.
  2. Use the AutoFill tool on your computer. This saves time when registering at different online classified sites.
  3. In a Word document on your computer, come up with a few ads that you like. I would recommend saving this file for easy access.
  4. Copy and paste your ad from your word document onto the free classified sites. Saves time and energy.
  5. I would recommend posting a picture with your ads that you post. A picture says a thousand words. It provides proof that your company is legitimate
Make the most of your marketing by including free classifieds. It’s worth the time and effort spent to have all of your bases covered when it comes to building your business.