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Five Tips for Summer Clothing Storage

“To everything, there is a season.” I’ve read the book of Ecclesiastes and I’ve listened to both Pete Seeger and the Byrds sing this lyric over and over again. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anything ring so true. Everything has its time, and then must be put aside until its season returns. This is especially true when it comes to clothing storage.

Clothes Storage
It’s been a great summer here in New York, and with temperatures typically in the nineties for the last three months, my summer wardrobe has had quite a run. Now, we’re heading into September. Thanks to Tropical Storm Danielle, it’s starting to feel like Fall. I’ve given in to the fact that it’s finally time to look at summer clothes storage. I spent the weekend packing up my stuff and moving it into seasonal storage. I thought it might be a good idea to share a few tips for anyone else considering seasonal storage for clothes.

Clothing Storage
1. Choose wisely. Not everything has to go into storage. Considering the warm “Indian Summers” we typically see in October, it might actually be wise to keep a few tank tops and light skirts or dresses. Sleeveless tops and dresses can also take you through the autumn season simply by being paired with a cardigan or blazer and some tights. Pick a few items to hold onto, and pack up the rest.

2. Head to the Laundromat. Before you take that pile of dirty t-shirts from your bedroom floor and toss them in a box, take them to the Laundromat. Make sure your clothes are clean, dry, and folded neatly before you pack them up. It will make the experience all the more pleasant when you pull your clothes out of storage next spring!

3. Think inside the box. Pick a great storage container (or a few) for your summer clothes. A plastic or metal bin with a tight fitting lid is the best way to keep your clothes neat and clean. These clear storage containers from Rubbermaid are my favorites.

4. Sort and separate. Organize your clothing by garment type. This will make it so much easier when you need to find something.

5. Add some extra protection. Line your storage containers with plastic (this is a great way to recycle shopping bags!), and consider throwing in some cedar chips or moth balls to keep the bugs away.

Seasonal Storage
Now, you’re all set to move your clothing into storage! If you have the space, you can easily stack the storage containers under your bed or in a closet. I don’t, so I took my things to my favorite NYC mini storage units. Afterwards, I kicked back with my favorite book and some pumpkin-scented candles to celebrate!