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Five Ways to Save Your Office Money

These day it seems like everyone is trying to save money. Whether it’s at home or work, people are cutting back unnecessary expenses and purchases. Unfortunately, most people forget about ways to improve their current systems to save money on things they already have. Below you will find five easy ways to save your business money on products and services your business already has. Saving money—now there’s a bottom line we can all agree on!

1. Get a Laser Printer
For companies that do a lot of printing, the cost can start to add up. If you are using an inkjet printer, most of the cartridges will only print a few hundred pages before needing to be replaced. Laser printers can print about 2,000 pages per toner cartridge versus about 200 with a traditional inkjet printer. It is a small adjustment that can save a lot of money both short and long term.

2. Check Your Settings
One of the biggest mistakes companies make is leaving electronics, lights, and heating on when the office is closed. Follow the same energy-saving plan at the office as you do at home. Turn off lights when you leave and set the thermostat a bit lower. Turning the air off when you leave at night prevents it from cooling/heat when no one is there. Most importantly make sure you turn computers and printers off at the end of the day and put them in energy saving mode so they will turn off during long period without use.

3. Reuse Electronics

Electronics are one of the most expensive office supplies for any company. But rather than buying new computers, try to upgrade and improve (instead of replace) wherever possible. Consider the needs of your employee and decide if an upgrade to their current system would fit their needs. Even small changes, like more memory and a new monitor, can make a big difference to your bottom line.

4. Buy in Bulk
Generally purchasing anything in bulk will always save money and office supplies are no exception. Consider purchasing paper, toner cartridges, ink pens, sticky note pads, and even computer systems in bulk to save additional money.

5. Switch to VOIP
Because VoIP sends signals via broadband internet connection you will have one bill from your ISP and that is it. Most companies have unlimited internet service for a fixed charge and can upgrade to VoIP easily, so not only do VoIP phones eliminate phone bills, they make your phone and internet bill one fixed cost. The cost of international calls on a regular phone can also be pricey but by using a VoIP studies indicate that companies can save up to 90 percent on international calls.