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Five Ways to Think Your Way Out of the Recession

Intense anxiety is playing out these days not only on Wall Street, but nearly every street in the world! Lots of mood-boosting resiliency psychology techniques exist to help keep your emotions in check—even while you’re worrying about how you’re gonna write all those checks!

1. Stop asking depressing questions. You will only get depressing answers.
It does no good to ask yourself “Why didn’t I … ? What if … ? Why me?” Would you accept some of the mean questions you ask yourself if they came from an outside source? Doubtful! So you have to “stop ‘em and swap ‘em” for questions that bounce you upward: “What can I do to move forward? How can I grow from this challenge? What’s within my control to change?”

2. Be so pro-active you’re pre-active when it comes to what you can control and change.
Start thinking of ways not only for your personal micro-cosmic job to stay around, but for your entire macro-cosmic business to continue. Brainstorm ways for your company to save money and make money. Devour professional journals, magazines, and books that help you stay fresh in your thinking about money and business.

3. Don’t let fear become inter-fear—and stop you from doing your best work because you’re too anxious to be smart, innovative, and productive.
I’ve told you this before, but to help cut back on fear, cut back on how much media you take in—especially right before bedtime. Studies show people sleep better when they absorb less news at night.

4. Spoil yourself with freebies.
A well-known research study at Duke University showed that going for a brisk 30-minute walk three times a week is as effective as taking antidepressants to improve your mood. And The Institute of Music, Health and Education has found that just five minutes of singing or humming can put you in a sunnier mood. So, if you put on your iPod and go for a stroll, you can be sure you’re on the right path to feeling good.

5. Shrink negativity to “nuggetivity.”
Limit the amount of time you allow yourself to think negative thoughts to three-minute nuggets, three times a day. Whenever a negative thought enters your head, tell yourself it will have to wait until your preset “nuggetivity appointment.” Who knows, maybe you won’t even want to think negatively once this time swings around.

By Karen Salmansohn for Minyanville