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Flash Eye

When we sit down for an interview, the unexpected is expected to happen. One never knows if there will be a connection or not until we listen. 

In this particular interview for a business contract, I focused on the goals both between my company and theirs as if you don’t have any common ground, what’s the point? The paycheck is not the only reason to interview. It could be a connector moment that enables two parties to gather information relevant to their own future business endeavors. It could be many things we are anticipating yet it is the process of the meeting that unfolds the truth.

I noticed during this process (per usual) if the spark was in the eye for the intent of business. To me personally, I call it the flash eye. It is a second you notice someone speaking about the truth of their intent whether it be business or personal. They are indulgent and forthcoming, sincere and respectful, truthfully becoming in their own words as they do not even see their own reflection yet inherently know their goals.

If both individuals express themselves on a professional only basis with no personal opinion I believe it is doomed for failure from the moment one speaks. If in fact you have your heart behind your work and words, then you can connect with the possibility of being successful. If you see the possibilities, you can accomplish the impossible.