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Follow Your Passion

It is so important to follow your passion in life. Confucius said “Choose work you love and you will never work a day in your life.” (I might be paraphrasing, but you get the idea.)

So, who do we see in life that have followed their passions? Think “callings” versus “careers.” Firefighters, doctors, teachers, actors, and musicians all come to mind. Also people like Donald Trump. He loves to make deals and that is what he does.

Not all of us find ourselves positioned to follow our passion from day one. We realize later in life that “Hey ... this is not my passion!”

What do you do then? It is not always easy to jump ship, go back to school and change things up.

So what do you do?

Here is one idea:

Do the passion anyway. Make it a hobby or a side job. My good friend Tim Green, of GreenGates Entertainment is, by day, a successful brick mason at Tim Green Masonry.

He also loves to frighten people.

Not the serial killer type of frighten. More the Halloween decoration type of frighten. Tim loves to produce and design haunted houses. He started using his own house as a walk-through “haunt” in 2001. The production got bigger and bigger and he never charged. One day, someone approached him and offered to partner with him to design a commercial haunt. Tim agreed to meet with them and they launched a very successful haunt consultant firm responsible for Ruby Falls Haunted Caverns one of the most successful “haunt” in the southeast.

One of Tim’s responsibilities is designing the “backstory” for the haunt. These things are so much creepier when you know the characters (think Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Devil’s Rejects). After listening to Tim describe his ideas for backstories, it occurred to me that these stories were good! Better than backstories! These were actual stories! Someone just had to write them!

This is where I come in. A fledgling author with a few items under my belt, I convinced Tim to co-found GreenGates Entertainment and we now develop properties based on speculative fictions topics (sci-fi, fantasy, horror) into commercial properties for publication or for sale to other companies. We have developed our first two (it takes about a year to get one of these into the viable phase) and we have one that we are marching around now to various publishers.

Have we had raging success? Not yet, but when I go home at night and I wonder at the mundane nature that sometimes seems to define the daily grind, I realize that the rest of the evening is mine to work on all things related to GreenGates entertainment. The successes are so much sweeter because they are mine, not my employer’s and it is in a field I have chosen, not one I fell into out of college.

So there you go—follow the passion. It’s probably your calling anyway and if the worst thing that happens is that you have a great time doing it, then how can you really lose?